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Difficult conversations can lead to valuable outcomes. Our family office is a place for family, friends and colleagues to engage in meaningful discussion about the future. We are committed to you and your future, providing open, honest advice and guidance.


Establish a clear plan and approach

Estate planning, succession planning and preparing for retirement are necessary to provide you with financial security and peace of mind.

Key things to know

When can I retire?

Retirement should be a reward, when you are able to spend more time with family and have more leisure time.

An important part of meeting personal expectations around retirement comes down to appropriate planning, including the assets you believe are required to retire comfortably and achieve your retirement dreams.

What is my business worth?

Business owners should have complete knowledge of what their business is worth for the purpose of planning their future.

Our experience suggests that business owners contribute so much blood, sweat and tears (and dollars) into their business that, often, it is their largest asset.

Is my business ready for sale?

Business owners can get trapped into falsely believing their business is in good shape and would be appealing to many potential buyers. However, often there are many areas for improvement which may considerably reduce the amount the owner can expect upon sale.

It is critical that the business is able to operate without the owner involved on a regular basis; ultimately if the business is not able to continue without the owner, there may be no business to sell.

How can I maximise my business' sale price?

There are many areas to focus on within a business for the purpose of improving value. It is important to have a clear understanding of those areas and the prioritise within the timeframe that exists before a potential sale date.

The business is often the most significant asset for business owners, so you should be reaching for the maximum amount possible to provide for your retirement and, more importantly, reward your hard work.

How do I structure my business to maximise wealth?

Income tax is a necessary part of our lives, but you should be aware of strategies to minimise the amount of income tax payable upon the sale of your business.

Consider future earnings on the sale proceeds from your business with the purpose of having those assets in the most tax effective structure.

Do I need an estate plan?

Often, we don’t want to think about what happens as we get older, but it is critical in ensuring your wealth is transferred in accordance with your wishes and in the most tax effective way.

What are your next steps in your business journey?

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What are your next steps in your business journey?